1. Telegram Bot WEBHOOK ?

1. Telegram Bot WEBHOOK ?


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Webhooks. What is?

They are events that trigger actions. Their name comes from the fact that they function as "hooks" for programs on the Internet and are almost always used for communication between systems. They are the easiest way to get a warning when something happens on another system.

Needed for bots creation like telegram, facebook and others.

Same as an API?

Almost ๐Ÿ˜



Give you that info that you need in the time that is ready or when some task occured

Thats why u dont have to make many requests(Api) for check if your info is ready

Where is use

Example Case: Bank

When you withdraw money from an ATM, the machine checks your balance and gives you the requested amount. At the end of the operation, the balance is updated and this change triggers an action: the sending of an SMS with the details of the withdrawal

Webhooks are used for real-time notifications, so the system can update itself when the event occurs.

other uses:

  • Synchronize systems in real time.
  • Send any type of notification.

  • Process the data as you want

  • Create reports.

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